Angela Legere    


Angela Legere is a glass worker and owner of Incandescent Glass Studios in Sundridge Ontario. She graduated the Craft and Design Program at Sheridan College in 2016 where her major was is in glass casting and kiln forming.

Angela worked on a production line at General Motors for eight years before the truck plant in Oshawa was closed. While working at GM she was involved with the CAW union as a women’s activist and sat on the executive board as the women at large. It was through this union involvement that she developed a strong interest in human rights issues and social justice.
Growing up with one sister, the two girls were encouraged to do crafts with their mother who always enjoyed making. Their father is a retired GM worker who makes custom oak furnishings on the side. Angela has always had an easier time learning hands on and found glass an enjoyable hobby, taking workshops and learning on YouTube for many years before pursuing an arts program at Sheridan College.
After three years of exploring glass making in various forms, Angela has found a passion for mold making. Most of her studio time is spent in the sand casting area or kiln casting room preparing molds and learning about new materials. She enjoys making functional objects although her main focus is body casting and working with the female form.

Angela creates her own work and teaches beginner glass classes at her home based studio in the beautiful township of Joly.