Casting glass at Sheridan College, 2015.

Casting glass at Sheridan College, 2015.

Artist Statement

I love people watching and I try to go through daily life with my head up ready to meet others. 

I think this love and observation of humans has led me to an interest in body casting. From lover’s hands and babies feet to full body torsos, I find capturing moments in time a very rewarding process.

Gender equality and human rights issues throughout Canada and worldwide have always been important to me. Social advocacy will be addressed in some of my work starting with telling personal herstorys in glass. My current focus is on fertility.

Upon graduating from Sheridan College Craft and Design program I have moved with my loving partner to Northern Ontario. We have created a beautiful studio space for myself to work in and others to come enjoy classes, date nights, and business co-operatives.  I plan to spend the reminder of my working years committed to mastering this material.